Audio Visual Installation

The installation of your home theater begins with an expert consultation to determine your vision, make recomendations, determine the proper viewing and speaker distance, analyze room size/dimensions, and establish a budget. From there, our experts research and recommend the finest audio and video products and technologies and present a plan to maximize your home theater or audio/visual system experience - both visually and auditory.

The Custom Home Technologies staff can install your dream home theatre system in even the most challenging environments. Our years of expertise allow us to make your vision a reality.

Our experience and expertise enable Custom Home Technologies to move smoothly from planning to implementation. Our clients credit Custom Home Technologies with a painless and hassle-free installation process.

When our work is finished you will have a fine home theater system that seamlessly blends into your home or business. Contact Custom Home Technologies today and see the CHT difference.


Most people underestimate the importance of wiring in the overall performance of their home theater system. Installing proper wiring is a critical step in the installation process. Proper wiring ensures top performance and prevents later malfunction. The best time to install wire is during a buidling's construction. If your structure is already built - don't fear - the experts at Custom Home Technologies will properly wire your building for maximum performance, aesthitic value, and safety.